charlie duke

The L.A. Times has a great little interview with Charlie to coincide with Anomalisa's premiere at the Telluride Film Festival. In the piece, Charlie speaks about the animated movie and why we haven't seen anything new from him in a while.

These past seven years have not been, he stresses, a hiatus of his choosing.

"I've tried. I've tried," he said, emphasizing the words plaintively when asked why he hadn't had any work produced. "I'm constantly trying."


"It's always been a push-pull with studios, this kind of thing of 'How long can we let audiences go without letting them know what's going on?' The executives' theory is at a certain point people are going to say 'Forget it,' " Kaufman said. "And for myself watching a movie or a TV show, I want to feel like I'm discovering something. Otherwise it makes me bored and distrustful[...] Of course it's easy for me to sit here and say they don't want [my shows] because they don't want to change. Maybe my work isn't good, or it's too weird or not well-constructed. It feels weird and braggy to say they don't want them because I'm too wild." (Source)

It's great to hear from Charlie again. Can't wait to read the reviews for the film!

Thanks to Tim and Chris!

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