HOORAY! Anomalisa reviews are coming in! Here's a selection:

[T]his is a wonderfully odd consideration of those questions about love, pain, solitude and human connection we all ask; its emotional power creeps out from under the subtle humor and leaves a subcutaneous imprint that lingers long after the movie is over. It needs an adventurous distributor to help it extend the Kaufman cult and find the adoring audience it richly deserves. (Source)

That's from the Hollywood Reporter. This is from the Guardian:

It gives Kickstarter, which is how it was funded, and the 2015 Telluride film festival, where it has premiered, their first real masterpieces. It innovates with stop-motion in ways your brain struggles to compute. Kaufman and co-director Duke Johnson offer images so moving and yet also so filthy Anomalisa might just make the first R-rated best animation Oscar winner.

[...]It’s more mainstream than much of Kaufman’s previous: there’s little of the meta, no distracting stars, no distancing in-jokes. Rather, it’s interested in a world many of us inhabit. In the excitement of recognising someone who might be like us in the landscape – as well as how it looks when that connection crumbles, and how it feels to be isolated by deep depression. (Source)

And Variety:

Kaufman has done it again, writing a deeply flawed male protagonist and a woman who seems so incredibly ideal despite (or perhaps due to) her imperfections, and he’s engineered it so that we fall in love: Michael’s gray and overcast, Lisa just wants to walk in the sun, and for as long as he can make the moment last, she’s the one. The anomaly. The Anomalisa. (Source)

They're all a little spoiler laden, to one degree or another; consider yourself warned. More stuff soon!

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