Here's a short piece from Deadline, with some quotes from Charlie about Anomalisa, and how Charlie approaches each film he writes. The first thing you learn, though, is he doesn't like explaining his films.

I particularly liked this bit at the end:

Calling AT&T last week to put an international plan on his cell phone before heading to Italy, he turned the tables a bit on the customer service representative, and as part of the usual script when “Gene” from AT&T said, “How are you today Charlie?” Kaufman responded by asking him the same question. “The guy was so excited and we had such a nice conversation. We ended up talking about sports and weather and Minneapolis. I hope he didn’t get fired because they’re supposed to turn over calls, but it went on for 25 minutes and it felt so good. It was me realizing there was another person on the end of the phone. We don’t think they’re real and they don’t think we’re real. Usually the customer is the enemy and you have to pretend to like them but you hate them.” (Source)

Naw! Nice, eh?

I wish someone would ask Charlie about that novel he was going to write for Grand Central.

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