I'd like to post a few negative reviews of Anomalisa, just for contrast, but the film's holding steady at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. (Go there if you want to see a few reviews I haven't linked to.) This will change eventually, I'm sure, but for now? WOW, COOL.

Anyway, I'm mostly posting the GQ review because the opening bit amuses me:

Here's what the films of Charlie Kaufman teach us about life:

  1. It is a conformist wasteland full of petty annoyances and soul-crushing banality.

  2. It is an ash-gray blanket of loneliness, longing, and depression.

  3. The best we can hope for is some sliver of transcendence, like spending a few minutes inside John Malkovich's head before getting deposited off the New Jersey Turnpike.

  4. Love is all that matters, but it almost never lasts.

This is the philosophy of a man who might be found under his desk, curled up in a fetal ball. And it's possible that just one more person talking to him about the weather would do it.


His latest effort [...] is the stop-motion marvel Anomalisa, a caustic and beautiful comedy that distills his point of view as well as anything he's done before. His torments are once again our pleasure. (Source)

If you're curious, here's how Kaufman's other films are doing on Rotten Tomatoes: Being John Malkovich 93%, Eternal Sunshine 93%, Adaptation 91%, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind 79% (we'll just say Clooney stole 10%, yeah?), Synecdoche, New York 68%, Human Nature 49%.

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