Buzzfeed has a feature on Kaufman, similar to some of the other articles I've been posting lately--so if you've read those, there's not a lot here you didn't already know. But here's a new quote:

[M]eta-commentary is something Kaufman’s famous for — never more so than in Adaptation., in which self-awareness weighed on its protagonist, who shares a name with the writer, like an anvil around his neck. But it’s not something he likes to intellectualize. “It’s not theoretical for me. I’m not going, OK, now I need to address what storytelling means in the modern age,” he says with laugh.

“I’m always thinking that this is a thing that helps with whatever emotion I’m exploring. For me, that’s what it is, and if it isn’t that, then I don’t want to do it. It isn’t the thing that comes first. I like to leave myself open to the irrational — I feel like that’s fruitful for me in my writing, because there is a cornucopia of metaphorical imagery in dreams that I find fascinating.” (Source)

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