Great news! Anomalisa is in contention for a Best Animated Feature Golden Globe, alongside The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out, The Peanuts Movie, and Shaun the Sheep Movie. No other nominations for the film, as far as I can tell. The whole list of nominees is on the L.A. Times site.

If you scroll down to the Animated Feature category, you'll find this great video: a roundtable interview with the directors of those films. (Charlie's not there, but Duke is.) I can't figure out how to embed it, so the link will have to do.

Meanwhile, Mike Ryan from Uproxx caught up with Charlie and Duke to get their reaction:

In this category, you’re up against something like The Peanuts Movie, which got really good reviews, but these are very different movies. “Best Animated” can cover a lot of ground.

Kaufman: Yeah, mostly – and certainly in this country – animated features are for kids. So, I think that’s the way it’s perceived. And we believe that animation is not a genre at all. It’s a form, it’s a medium – and you can do whatever you want in them and we would love to give other people that notion, too. And hopefully have more opportunity for diversity in the form. It’s a very exciting form, and I feel like it’s underrepresented in the type of movies that are made.

Do you think Anomalisa being nominated can help push that message out there?

Kaufman: I think we do. We talk about that and think about that a lot. And we talk to a lot of animators, when we do screenings, who come to us afterwards and talk about how happy they are: They’ve been looking for something like this to happen, to allow them to do other types of work rather than just kids movies. And the opportunity isn’t there. And they are hoping and we are hoping that other people get to make different kinds of movies with this form. (Source)


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