If you live in Boston and you leave a comment under this article ("telling us your best method of self help") at Hotchka by 11:59 PM, Friday, January 8, you can win a copy of the new book Scenes of Anomalisa: A Film by Charlie Kaufman.

The book contains screen grabs from the film, an abridged screenplay, as well as behind-the-scenes images, including shots of the puppets being built, construction of the miniature sets, and the crew painstakingly positioning, and re-positioning the puppets and cameras for each frame of film. The book also contains a foreword, written by Kaufman, in the style of Studs Terkel’s 1975 book, Working, in which a hotel bellman tells his story. Undeniably Kafumanesque in its tone and manner, readers will see this book as a physical embodiment of Kafuman’s vision. (Source)

Sounds great, eh? Competition rules and other relevant info at the link. Good luck!

(Just to be clear: don't leave a comment under the article you're reading right now. Go to the Hotchka article and comment there.)

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