GQ's website has a great profile of Charlie, and the woes of making films that garner acclaim but lose money. It opens like so:

Charlie Kaufman has a room, reasonably small, in his Pasadena home, where he writes, though writing is not strictly what he'd call it. He's rarely, for instance, hitting the keys.

He's crippled, he says, by insecurity, self-doubt and a large internet cache. Often, he simply sits and looks at stuff online, "Because I can't think. But I don't recommend it."

Sometimes, he walks to his nearest coffee shop, which is a mile-and-a-half away, and then walks back again. He admits this isn't the most efficient method of getting things done. He works better in the morning, he says, "but not much better". (Source)

Also, BCK gets a mention. We're fancy.

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