Charlie wonders:

“I think ultimately if ‘Synecdoche, New York’ had made $50 million, or even $20 or $30 million, then things would have been different.” [...] (It grossed $4.4 million.) “People want to be associated with things that they think are cool, and the business — the indie business, especially — is built on that. I wonder if it’s not cool or sexy to be in business with me.”

[...] “One speculates a lot on one’s failures,” Kaufman said again, “but there’s not really a lot of reason to speculate, because the only reason to speculate about bad box office is to decide that you don’t want to do something that you believe in next time in order to make more money — that’s not a choice I’m willing to make.” (Source)

That's from an equally downbeat interview with indieWIRE, in which Charlie laments the commercial failure of Anomalisa, the current state of cinema, and his future in the business. Downbeat or not, it's a worthy read.

Thanks to Julie and Arnold for this one.

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