It only took me forever to get around to it, but I've installed a new Contact form, because the old one was all glitchy and broken. (If you've ever wondered what BCK does with the money folks donate, it's this sort of thing: buying plugins that work.)

[Update: computer has been resurrected. All good now.]

I live 2 streets from a beach, and corrosion from salt air tends to kill my computers before their time.

A moment of silence, please, for the latest victim.

Hopefully it can be repaired. Meanwhile, updating the site via mobile is a pain in the butt, but I'll do what I can.

BCK has officially been chronicling Charlie's career for 14 years today. (Well, yesterday. Didn't get a chance to update until today, though.)

We are old.

In internet terms, we are very old indeed.

I don't know how many other fan sites I've seen drop off the vine in that time. Quite a few. Certainly more than fifteen and less than a million.

I assume it's because the sites' owners found other interests or ran out of money or got married and had kids and went parasailing or got sued. Luckily--and in some cases miraculously--none of those things have happened to me so far.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BCK. We accept any gifts that are preceded by a dollar sign. If anything will be the undoing of BCK, money is probably it.

Got a few little newsy updates to post. If time permits, I'll get onto those during the week.

So here's what's been going on with the site.

Last year a security flaw popped up somewhere in BCK's back-end, and my webhost suspended the account as a safety measure, because the flaw compromised his server. I upgraded everything I could think of--all the plugins and odds and ends that keep BCK running--and we put the site back online, and all was well.

... Until January-ish this year, when the flaw again became apparent, and again the site was suspended. My host and I scheduled a time to look into the problem, but for some reason we missed each other and we ended up not looking into it, and I thought "Maybe this is a sign."

I was wondering if I ought to close the site completely and either a) just post Kaufman news on our FB page, or b) close the FB account as well. Because, you know, I've been maintaining BCK for more than 13 years now. That's a long time in internet years. I'M AN OLD MAN. Charlie hasn't been doing a lot of newsworthy stuff lately. I'm a bit busier than I once was. This stuff takes time and it takes money, and I have less of both than I did 13 years ago. Maybe I ought to move on and do other stuff. It's inevitable.

So I procrastinated, as I always do. For weeks I procrastinated. It's a skill I have.

I was really close to pulling the plug on all but the FB page and maybe the Twitter account.

But today (as I type this, anyway), the site's back online. I don't know why. Maybe it's only temporary. I'm gonna look into it soonly.

Sooooo... that's where we're at.

[Update: The major part of the upgrade has now been completed, and I managed not to break anything as far as I can tell.]

I'll be upgrading some stuff on the site over the next day or two (or three, or six, depending on how smoothly it goes), so expect BCK to disappear briefly before returning to look pretty much exactly the same as it does now.

Exciting, no?

The Facebook and Twitter accounts will be used to post updates if I accidentally break something.

We disappeared for a while.

There was a flaw with BCK's security, and it needed to be addressed. The best solution was to take the whole site down for a bit, give it a long overdue facelift and update all of the stuff that's under the hood. 

And now that's done, and we're back online. New colour scheme! Spiffy, no? Hopefully BCK's disappearance didn't inconvenience you in a big way--you can find us on FB and Twitter, too, you know--but I apologise if it did.

As far as I can tell, the site's working as it should, but a glitch or two might show up somewhere--glitches usually do, right after a big re-design. If anything explodes in your face, please let me know and I'll try to fix it.

What else?

I've replaced the old commenting system with Disqus. Disqus is easier to administrate than the system we'd been using, and since BCK doesn't get a lot of comments, I prefer a commenting system that's fairly low maintenance.

One other thing: once upon a time, you could create your own user account here, and use it for commenting and whatnot, but it was getting cloggy with spam accounts, and it didn't seem like a super useful feature anyway, so I've turned that off for now. Hopefully this is no big deal for any of you.

If you haven't checked out the Facebook or Twitter pages, there are a couple of news updates you might've missed: Sally Hawkins and Catherine Keener have joined How and Why, and here are a bunch of cool Eternal Sunshine one sheets to celebrate the film's 10th(!!) anniversary.

And now I'm gonna have a nap.

Questions or comments? Let me know.

If you visited the site in the last few days, you might have noticed that it stopped existing. There was a bit of a glitch renewing BCK's domain name.

And by "glitch" I mean "I could've sworn I renewed it, but apparently no. I forgot. I am dumb."

It has now been renewed. Regular programming will resume shortly.

I am the last person who should run a website.

BCK turns 12 today! YEARS. TWELVE YEARS. We old. Where did the time go? GOD DAMN IT.

To celebrate (which is to say, I found this today so I might as well stick it here rather than create a separate post for it), I bring you Spike Jonze on NPR's "All Things Considered," talking with Audie Cornish about Her. It's a conversation between Audie and Spike, more than an interview. You can listen to it or read the transcript here.

On whether the film is meant to feel melancholy, or romantic, or ...

I think the other thing that's been really exciting about it is that as I've talked to people, the variety of reactions for what the movie's about is wide. You know, like some people find it incredibly romantic, some people find it incredibly sad or melancholy, or some people find it creepy, some people find it hopeful.

That makes me really happy to hear, you know, because to me it's everything. It's all these different things I'm thinking about, and a lot of them are contradictory. And I like hearing what it is to you. (Source)




On an unrelated note, you might've noticed we're doing our annual donation drive thingy, to help cover BCK's running costs. If you feel like helping out, you might want to kick in a couple of bucks via the link in the right-hand sidebar. Every bit's appreciated. :)

You might've noticed, BCK went kaput for a little bit in February. My computer died, see, and I was out of action for about a month. I tend to have an annual computer meltdown. I live on the coast -- salt air and corrosion are problems. While I was out of action, my web host shifted my websites to a new server, and I think there was a minor hiccup, and BCK temporarily vanished. Not much I could do about it while computerless. But then BCK came back online, with no help from me, and it's still online, and I have a new computer, and I'm here, and everything's good again.

I have no news, though. How you doin'?


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