10 and a bit years ago, a 24-year-old Aussie in a small coastal town read the first draft of a screenplay called Being John Malkovich, and thought it was hilarious, not to mention clever. He wanted to know more about the fella who wrote it, so he Googled up a few interviews, finding that he really loved the interviews this Kaufman guy gave -- the Aussie could relate to some of what Kaufman said, and he enjoyed reading Mr. Kaufman's take on the writing process.

Around the same time, this Aussie was teaching himself basic web design skills. He thought it'd be an interesting experiment to build a website and see if it could gain any kind of audience. He wasn't sure what the site ought to be about. He eliminated any person or topic already covered by more than two or three websites. And since he was interested in this Kaufman guy... and there were no websites about this Kaufman guy... and Charlie was developing a small cult following, with three more films due for release later in the year (Human Nature, Adaptation, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind)...

The first few pages of BCK were uploaded on 18 December, 2001. Most of you weren't even born. The internet was very different in those days. I figured I'd get bored after a few months, but then some interesting folks started to email me -- John "the orchid thief" Laroche was probably the first. And more interesting people emailed me: fans, film industry folks, sometimes journalists. This website gig was all kinds of fun.

Now BCK is 10 years old, and I'm 34 yers old -- which perhaps seems a little too old to be messing around with a fan site, but whatever. Web design has become a proper job for me, and BCK has provided other nifty opportunities here and there. I've made a bunch of cool pals. I'm still constantly surprised and and delighted by the variety of people I hear from. It's easily one of the two of three best things I've ever done. I'm basically the same guy I was 10 years ago. This is sometimes very annoying. There are fewer fan sites online now than when I started; that's a bummer. But we're still pluggin' along here, still havin' fun.

Big, big, big thanks to everyone who's contributed to the website or emailed me to say howdy. I love hearing from you weirdos.

I intended to do a bunch of 10th Anniversary celebration type things throughout the year, but now it's December and it seems I'm a very lazy individual, because I did absolutely nothing. But you all can feel free to have a drink or a piece of cake in BCK's honour, eh? And if perchance I don't make another update before next weekend, have yourselves an awesome Christmas, Hannukah, or celebration of your choice. (And if you're no celebratin' anything, have an awesome day anyway!)

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