BCK turns 12 today! YEARS. TWELVE YEARS. We old. Where did the time go? GOD DAMN IT.

To celebrate (which is to say, I found this today so I might as well stick it here rather than create a separate post for it), I bring you Spike Jonze on NPR's "All Things Considered," talking with Audie Cornish about Her. It's a conversation between Audie and Spike, more than an interview. You can listen to it or read the transcript here.

On whether the film is meant to feel melancholy, or romantic, or ...

I think the other thing that's been really exciting about it is that as I've talked to people, the variety of reactions for what the movie's about is wide. You know, like some people find it incredibly romantic, some people find it incredibly sad or melancholy, or some people find it creepy, some people find it hopeful.

That makes me really happy to hear, you know, because to me it's everything. It's all these different things I'm thinking about, and a lot of them are contradictory. And I like hearing what it is to you. (Source)




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