We disappeared for a while.

There was a flaw with BCK's security, and it needed to be addressed. The best solution was to take the whole site down for a bit, give it a long overdue facelift and update all of the stuff that's under the hood. 

And now that's done, and we're back online. New colour scheme! Spiffy, no? Hopefully BCK's disappearance didn't inconvenience you in a big way--you can find us on FB and Twitter, too, you know--but I apologise if it did.

As far as I can tell, the site's working as it should, but a glitch or two might show up somewhere--glitches usually do, right after a big re-design. If anything explodes in your face, please let me know and I'll try to fix it.

What else?

I've replaced the old commenting system with Disqus. Disqus is easier to administrate than the system we'd been using, and since BCK doesn't get a lot of comments, I prefer a commenting system that's fairly low maintenance.

One other thing: once upon a time, you could create your own user account here, and use it for commenting and whatnot, but it was getting cloggy with spam accounts, and it didn't seem like a super useful feature anyway, so I've turned that off for now. Hopefully this is no big deal for any of you.

If you haven't checked out the Facebook or Twitter pages, there are a couple of news updates you might've missed: Sally Hawkins and Catherine Keener have joined How and Why, and here are a bunch of cool Eternal Sunshine one sheets to celebrate the film's 10th(!!) anniversary.

And now I'm gonna have a nap.

Questions or comments? Let me know.

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