I'm back. Miss me? Got a bunch of emails to sort through and reply to, but here's some stuff for now.

IMPORTANT: First off, an apology: I changed one of my email addresses a few days before I left (not the @beingcharliekaufman.com address, but another one) and being a dumbass I forgot to tweak the message board accordingly. So if you registered recently, you probably didn't receive the confirmation email. My fault. Apologies ahoy. It's now been rectified, I've activated your accounts, and you should have an email from me waiting in your In box. I just hope none of you registered to tell me you only had 48 hours to live or something.

JUST AS IMPORTANT: For a while now some users of the message board have been getting frequent "invalid_session" errors for no apparent reason. Apparently, here's the reason: AOL browsers clash with phpBB's security measures. Huh? In a nutshell, it's your own damn fault and it serves you right for using AOL. But being a kind soul, today I'm gonna upgrade the board and hopefully once that's done, all will be well. HURRAH. We shall see. Hopefully nothing will go kaboom. I'll let you know when the changes have been made.

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