Turns out the message board wasn't down on Wednesday - it was a problem at my end, I just couldn't get certain sites to load properly. And let me take this opportunity to apologise for the great whopping pop-ups all over the board. If you know of a decent alternative remotely-hosted board service that costs nada, gimme a call. (I say remotely-hosted because I know nothing about php and all that groovy stuff, and besides I dunno if Tripod takes that kind of thing.)

Getting a little worried about what'll happen to this site post-April, because nobody will be picking up the tab for me and I probably can't afford it... or justify the expense, anyway. Which means hello banner ads and (if there's no traffic let-up) crashes a-go-go.

Came across a review of Adaptation on a big blog-type site and at the end they had a link to a separate blog maintained by Charlie Kaufman. This amuses me and weirds me out. First, it's not actually a Charlie Kaufman blog. I should know, because I built the damn thing and I am certain I'm not Charlie Kaufman (and was not Charlie Kaufman back then, either). It was just a pathetically-coded, blog-style thing with minimal content that I built over a year ago and haven't touched since about Feb 2002. I built it when I was figuring out HTML and I don't think Kaufman got a single mention on the site, other than there being links to the site you're currently looking at. Occasionally I get emails from people who think I'm Charlie. I once received an email from a journalist who suspected I was Charlie operating under an alias, even after I assured him I was not. So you know what? Who the hell knows, maybe I am Charlie. How about that? Charlie's into the whole identity-warping thing, so who am I to say who I am?

Unrelated: though a good writer, Chuck Palahniuk is a deeply, deeply annoying person.

PS: No, I will not provide a link to either my old blog thing, nor to the Adaptation review written by the guy who thought my blog was Kaufman's.

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