Hollywood Reporter brings news that Elizabeth Banks has joined the cast of Frank or Francis.

Banks will play a highly-regarded actress making formulaic comedy bombs who is having an affair with Carell's Frank. (Source)

They also say:

Despite certain reports, THR can confirm Kate Winslet is not in the cast.

Meanwhile, Variety confirms the rumour I posted about a while ago:

Charlie Kaufman has cast Paul Reubens in his upcoming musical comedy ''Frank or Francis.''

Reubens will play a film critic in the pic which Anthony Bregman is producing. (Source)

I'm really happy about this. I think he'll be excellent.

I am losing track of who's in this and who they're playing. For the record, Hollywood Reporter lists Jack Black, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Reubens, Nicolas Cage, Steve Carell, Catherine Keener and Kevin Kline.

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