This was in the news earlier in the week, so maybe you've already seen it, but if not:

Researchers at UC Berkeley used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and some seriously complex computational models to figure out what images our minds create when presented with movie and TV clips. So far, the process is only able to reconstruct the neural equivalents of things people have already seen, but eventually it might be possible to construct the images people see in dreams and memories. (Source)

On the left, you'll see some everyday clips; on the right, how those clips are seen inside our brains.


However! A while ago, scientists hooked a dead fish up to an fMRI (as one does) and managed to detect brain activity while it looked at pictures. So. You know.

Either a) the video above is a little bit awesome and Eternal Sunshiney and also creepy, or b) dead fish can think and are therefore a little bit awesome and also creepy and you might want to re-think your next seafood meal.

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