Eternal is Daniel Fish's new installation at the Incubator Arts Project in New York. It consists of two actors performing Eternal Sunshine's final scene, on a loop, for two hours. (The scene in the original film goes for around 4 minutes.) From the Incubator's website:

In August, Fish assembled a film crew to shoot [Thomas Jay] Ryan and [Christina] Rouner performing the final scene of the 2004 film ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND in a continuous loop for two hours — the only constraint: that they must keep going, no matter what happens. The unedited two channel video of their performance will be projected on adjacent screens. (Source)

Says the New York Times' Claudia La Rocco:

 Each performer occupies an individual screen in this elegantly spare two-channel video. As the two repeat and repeat and repeat (a total of 23 times), they remain faithful to the lines but shift everything else. Pacing, tone, body language, timing — it’s all up for grabs; one of the many cumulative pleasures of “Eternal” lies in seeing two actors improvise within the strict confines of Mr. Fish’s structure. They follow his rules while playing off each other (in one delightful go, they dissolve into hard laughter), finding freedom at unpredictable junctures. (Source)

You can find links and info and stuff here. Neat bit of trivia: Thomas Jay Ryan appeared in Eternal Sunshine, as Frank. Here's a trailer for Fish's Eternal:






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