Alrighty, let's get straight into it.

WiLL grabbed this from Dark Horizons a few days back:

'The Mole' has a rather interesting set report from the Jim Carrey project: "'Eternal' filmed Saturday and Sunday March 29 & 30 in Mount Vernon, NY at the Mount Vernon East Railroad station doubling for the station in Rockville Centre, NY. They filmed moving shots on a rented train that departed for several hours with scenes of Jim Carrey running across the station overpass to catch the train just as the doors closed. A small black colored Ford Fairlane from the early 1960's was to be used, and an adjacent empty parking lot was set up fro some dream or fantasy sequence with a long line of oranges, unboxed videos, tiny square juice containers, and two small brooms and dust pans. Heard they were to finish final scenes at Grand Central Station before two days of stage work".

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