Added a link to a neato Elijah Wood fan site, what with him being in Eternal Sunshine and all. They have, like, 400 moderators for their message boards, wtf? Also there's now a Spotless page over here at Yahoo Movies, where I was happily surprised to see they linked to not only the site you're lookin' at now, but also the script review I wrote a ways back. How amped am I about the link to the review? When I wrote it, I was feeling really nervous because I hated for folks to think I was pumping up the script just because it's Charlie's. I take a lot of pride in being objective around here.

Greg has an interesting bit of trivia on that Yahoo page which goes:

In 2001, before Jim Carrey signed on, Nicolas Cage was considering reuniting with Adaptation screenwriter Charlie Kaufman on this project as well, but the lead role went to Carrey instead.

This would explain why I saw one site listing Cage in the credits for the film. At the time I thought they were confused about Kaufman projects, but there you go. Other news via that page: production started on January 8 in NYC with a budget of $35 million, which is 16 million more than they used on Adaptation. Do me a favour, Michel, and don't screw this up. It could be the most awesomest film of the year, so don't get all Human Nature on us. Spotless is now pencilled in for a Fall 2003 release, but Charlie's projects have a habit of hibernating for a looong time before coming out to play. (They edited Adaptation for about a year, and Human Nature likewise was kept in a closet for about a year after filming.)

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