from here, in a piece about up-and-coming, highly-touted playwright Zach Helm, we get this:

This line of thinking leads him to one of his favorite movies of recent years, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, written by Charlie Kaufman. “The whole struggle of trying to escape his memory being erased, as intellectual an idea as that is, there's a real emotional resonance,” he says. “I really get involved in that chase, which is great.” Given the mixture of the bizarre and the mundane in his own scripts, Helm is a baby brother to Kaufman. He says his other favorite screenwriters are Wes Anderson, Buck Henry, the Coen brothers, William Goldman, and Clifford Odets. Everything Helm writes has a controlled, uncluttered feel to it, perhaps an echo of two of his favorite playwrights, Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter-and possibly a result, too, of the apprenticeship Helm served in the Hollywood system, which demands that no scene be wasted and that the story move forward with each line.

Thanks to Tram for both links today.

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